About Us

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About Us

Mexis Hair Treatment Company provides the solution to he problem of hair loss and baldness

Having many years of experience, Mexis Hair Treatment Company on the treatment of the above problems and works with sincerity, safety and confidence knowing how to read a case an find the most immediate solution.

The group of the people who recruits the company follow the more recent standards as well as the demands og the society.

They are very well aware what to do on every occasion in the most proper and efficient way.

They discuss with clarity and precision referring in what each treatment offers.

Our labs with an experience of many decades, follow all the steps properly and responsibly from thre production till the package of our products.

The Mexis Hair Treatment company is next to everyone interested or already client and all the group of the company’s professionals aim to have a beneficial, substancial, pleasant and efficient time with them.

The Mexis Hair Treatment serum is a Greek product produced at a Greek Cosmetics Factory where strict official controls are hold by acknowledged scientists.

Our Team

Γεώργιος Μέξης

George Mexis

Mr. George Mexis, is the inventor of the serum Mexis Hair Treatment and founder of the company of the same name. Holds patents from Greece, Europe and the United States.

Inventor – Researcher
The Greek inventor who discovered the specific formula because of his unbearable pains of his head and neck that hair loss had caused from a very early age. The founder of the company: ”MEXIS/M6S PATENT”, owner of several patents and clinical tests, perpetual researcher with great interest in his fellows.

First Years

Researcher – Inventor, President of “MEXIS/M6S PATENT – Anti-hair loss Anti-baldness”. 28 William King str., Athens, Greece Volos, 26.04.1957 His roots come from upper Potamia of Evia and Volos. He is a descendant of Chatzigiannis Mexis, dignitary of Spetses and part of the “Filiki Etairia”. His father was a craneman and motorist. His sister’s name is Olga.


He did his general education in Volos. He acquired the art of furring and then devoted time to his research and study of hair loss and other skin diseases. He is owner of a Greek and American patent against alopecia. He worked as a furrier in a store for about 10 years. Then he opened(?) his own store, where he used to sew and sell fur and leather clothing. He collaborated with famous clothing companies like Harley – Davidson, Schott, Redskins, and more. Through his personal hair loss problems, alopecia totalis and nape pains and after many years of research he invented a formula which finally gave results and gradually formalized and patented his idea MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion against alopecia, xeroderma and other similar disturbances, was certified with invention diplomas he obtained through clinical studies, and he still deals with it and it’s available though his website.

The Idea

He cooperated with the National Research Institution of Greece to find out what are the complications of hair loss and baldness in health which were confirmed by scientists from Europe and the USA according to Medline, the International database (1966-2003). The product he produces has been presented though press and broadcasting media such as National Greek Television, “Mega” Channel, “ANT1” Channel, “Free Press”, “Vita” magazine, “Men’s Health” magazine while his clientele gave him great responses.

Κωνσταντίνος Μέξης
Hair Health Consultant

Konstantinos Mexis

Mr. Konstantinos Mexis has over 10 years of experience in the company as a hair health consultant and dietitian.

Mr Konstantinos Mexis has an experience in the company of up to 10 years as a consultant of the hair’s health and dietician.

He is the part of the company’s team with the knowledge, the experience and the ability to understand every client’s concerns and needs and to modify and prepare the proper treatment for them.

Σάντυ Ματζακώνη

Sandy Matzakonis

Mrs. Sandy Matzakoni has been offering her services to the company for many decades.

Mrs Sandy Matzakonis offers her services in the company for many decades. She is a certified as an Administratior of Secretarial and Tech Services and Manager of the operation of the Technical Support and central office. She is a graduate of Proficiency and Superiore thus speaks english and italian fluently.

She deals with every client’s needs with care and responsibility. She leads and organizes the company eagerly and responsibly.

Presence in the media

Clinical Research for the treatment of Alopecia Areata

Announcement of the final results of the clinical study for the treatment of alopecia areata using the cosmetic lotion and invention of Mr. Georgios Mexis on the ERT World and ERT3 channels

The results were officially published in the scientific journal “Medicine” of the Society of Medical Studies.

Ert 1

Alopecia areata – Clinical studies and publication.

Ert 3

Clinical research for Alopecia Areata.

Mr. Markos Papakonstantis, Chief Physician and Director of the dermatology clinic of the Military Hospital 401 GSNA, talks about the Clinical studies for the treatment of Gyroid alopecia using the MEXIS / M6S PATENT lotion.

Ert 3

Greek invention against Alopecia Areata.

Ert 1

Γυροειδής αλωπεκία – Κλινικες μελέτες και δημοσίευση.

Television presentations

Below you will find our archive of interviews and presentations of Mr. Mexis George on TV, about the cosmetic lotion MEXIS / M6S PATENT and its effectiveness in combating hair loss and thinning hair in men and women of all ages.