Our cosmetic products are thoroughly inspected and meet all relevant specifications.

Every one of us desires to regain his/her lost hair, to stop hair loss, to stop suffering from dry scalp, itching, oiliness, dandruff or redness and to have beautiful, thick hair. Nevertheless, in order to trust a cosmetic that promises all the above we need reliable proofs from official sources.

Cosmetics are controled by doctors of the relative medical specialty after rigorous tests and meeting the relevant specifications.

Certificates of Mexis Hair Treatment serum

The company Mexis Hair Treatment, in order to certify its product, found and co-operated with well-known specialists (dermatologists and chemists).

Mexis Hair Treatment serum is guaranteed to be effective in any case of Androgenetic or Alopecia Areata, as the 2 main types of hair thinning are scientifically called. It has been certified with patents from Greece, Europe and America.

It is certified by the University of Pavia, in Italy, the Athens Military Hospital 401 and of course notified to the AEO. The General Chemistry of the state guarantees its safety.

Patents obtained from:

  • Industrial Property Organization https://www.obi.gr/obi/ with the approval of the General Manager Konstantinos Kogias
  • European Patent Office https://www.epo.org/index.html approved by President Ingo Kober
  • The U.S. Patent Office http://www.uspto.gov/

Patents certify an innovative idea and ensure its uniqueness.

The Effectiveness Study of Mexis Hair Treatment serum at ClinicalTrials.gov (FDA contracted website)

Below, you can find the relative certificates of efficacy, safety and legality.


Certificate of Efficacy for the treatment of hair loss and Androgenetic Alopecia on volunteers of every age and gender.

Health Safety (Safety Data)

Certificate of safety for the consumer’s health after a toxicological testing that certified that the serum is absolutely safe.

None Toxicity

The specific product, after relative testing, was classified as Non Irritating (it didn’t cause any erythema or edema).

Certification from EOF

Τhe National Organization for Medicines (EOF), certifies that the specific product to be legally marketed under the Greek and the E.E’s. Legislation.

Table of No Risk

The table below shows the zero irritation (zero=none), none edema and none erythema on the volunteers after 15 minutes, after 1 hour and after 48 hours with the serum remaining on their skin.

Table of Zero Toxicity

The table below shows in details the irritation results of zero toxicity (zero=none), none edema and none erythema on every volunteer, F=female and M=Male, after 15 minutes, an hour and after 48 hours.

Official Certification of the Clinical Study

The clinical study certifies that the serum Mexis Hair Treatment is efficient for the treatment of Alopecia Areata.

Certificate of Primary Results

Confirmation of the primary results by the person in charge of the clinical study and the director of the hospital clinic.

In the above studies, a significant reduction to the elimination of hair loss, re-hair growth, strengthening of existing hair as well as improvement of the condition of the scalp in cases of dry skin, oiliness, dandruff, itching and redness were observed.

There were no side effects, no allergies, no irritation.

The product proved to be completely tolerable by the suffering volunteers.

The participants in the studies were men, women and children, aged 4 to 75 years.

Its substances are tested by:

  • I.P.O – Industrial Property Organization
  • Ε.P.O. -European Patent Office
  • U.S.P.T.O. – United States Patent Technology Office

The product is tested with official Research Reports by I.P.O., E.P.O. & U.S.P.T.O. that:

  • They were first used to combat hair loss (Calendar checked compared to other archived patents)
  • The description of the invention with the examples is scientifically accurate.

Scientific Statements

Distinguished scientists and doctors of international standards speak in writing or orally in interviews, about the effectiveness and safety of the invention of Mr. Georgios Mexis.

All statements are based on the clinical efficacy and safety studies of Mexis Hair Treatment serum. See the relevant documents below.

Recently, the oil known as the researcher of MEXIS / M6S PATENT has been used with very good results, which in daily dosage treats the problem, is not a medicine and does not cause any side effects. Clinical laboratory studies before and after its application showed an improvement of alopecia to about 75%, with cell regeneration, hair rejuvenation and permanent stabilization. Also problems such as seborrheic dermatitis, dryness, redness and itching are gradually improved with 100% success in hair loss. The use of a purely natural product is the sure solution for your first and last choice to deal with the problem of hair loss.

Randou PersephoneMember of the Hellenic Dermatological Society, former Doctor of University Hospital. Rio Patras

It is a cosmetic lotion that through experimental research I have read and I can say with certainty after being signed by 3 top scientists of the genre in Europe and especially at the University of Pavia in Italy, that indeed this lotion has no side effects and no toxic effects. for the body. Studies show that in a large number of people, applied by 3 distinguished scientists and professors, it reduces hair loss to extinction and reduces oiliness of the hair, dry skin, redness and strengthens the hair.

Vathiotis AthanasiosPathologist

I wanted to mention Mr. Georgios Mexis, who suffered from a combination of Androgenetic and Gyroid alopecia and applied a mixture to his head and in this way helped to fight him. "There is no" good hairdresser ", the" good dermatologist " . Knowledge is common. There is such information these days that if the person is interested, believe me he will know all the methods of treatment. There is no hidden patent.

Eleana KaralliMD Msc, Dermatologist Derma Clinic

The results are up to very satisfactory within just 2 months of applying the cosmetic lotion and seem to be related to the severity and duration of the problem.

Dr. Markos PapakonstantisChief Physician - Director of the Dermatology Clinic of the Athens Military Hospital 401

According to the obtained results, the product called MEXIS/M6S PATENT has proved to be efficacious in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia. The number of fallen hair in the pull test decreases after constant product’s use because hair get stronger and thicker. During the period of treatment hair is less greasy and scalp desquamates less: the number of scales significantly decreases after 60 days of treatment. MEXIS/M6S PATENT has proved to be very well tolerated: Indeed it did cause neither itching or redness. The latter decreases in those volunteers who suffered from redness before product’s use.

Dr. Carlo CarreraProf. Fulvio Marzatico, Dr. Claudio Angelinetta - BioBasic Europe

After examining the toxicological profile of each raw material on the basis of each exposure level of the product, it can be stated that at a preliminary level this product can be reasonably considered not dangerous for the consumer’s health provided that the afore-said product is used properly.

Claudio AngelinettaBio Basic Europe s.r.l. Technical Director