Mexis Hair Serum 10ml


Mexis Hair Treatment serum in a quantity of plenty uses for all problems, depending on the quantity and the frequency of each usage.

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The multi-dimensional and advanced action of the cosmetic serum Μexis Hair Treatment works on the treatment of hair loss and baldness with ingredients absolutely compatible with the skin of the scalp and the nature of the hair.

It helps hair to be well nitrified, hydrated and strong, making it not only thick and strong but also soft and silky.

Clinically approved for its efficacy, dermatologically tested and appropriate for every age, gender or race.

The duration and the cost of every type of treatment depends on many factors which we examine in communication and dialogue with every person who is interested. In the course of time we define a timetable with the most suitable way of use for immediate and long-lasting results of hair regrowth.


  • On a clean area, you plop a few drops and smoothly spread them with your fingertips till it is fully absorbed.
  • Use serum Mexis Hair Treatment any time during day or night that it suits you.
  • It is suggested to stay on the suffering areas for about 2 to 8 hours.

* The frequency of the use is relative to the grade and the age of the problem.

Fully detailed instructions of the use of the serum are included in the package of the product.