Mexis Hair Serum 5ml


Mexis Hair Treatment serum in a quantity of a few uses or for small problems.

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The multidimensional and advanced action of the cosmetic serum Μexis Hair Treatment works on the treatment of hair loss and baldness with ingredients absolutely compatible with the skin of the scalp and the nature of the hair.

It helps hair to be well nitrified, hydrated and strong, making it not only thick and strong but also soft and silky.

Mexis Hair Treatment serum is a product of natural and permanent recovery.

The serums consist of refined and filtered oils used for the first time, which:

  • Are patented and tested by the National Organization of Medicines.
  • They have clinically proven results. See the results.
  • They are certified with official clinical studies (and published in the scientific journal “MEDICINE (IATRIKI)”). See the certifications.
  • They are dermatologically tested and suitable for all ages, genders and races.
  • They have no side effects and do not interact with other drugs.
  • They have no viscosity at all.
  • They have unique properties, especially for nourishing and caring for the hair.


  • On a clean area, you plop a few drops and smoothly spread them with your fingertips till it is fully absorbed.
  • You do not need a large amount, each drop covers an area of 5cm.
  • Use serum Mexis Hair Treatment any time during day or night that it suits you.
  • It is suggested to stay on the suffering areas for about 2 to 8 hours.

* The frequency of the use is relative to the grade and the age of the problem.

You can use whatever shampoo is compatible with the nature of your hair. There are no restrictions during the use of the serum.

Fully detailed instructions are included in the package of the product.

Duration - Quantity

Although the size of the vials is small (like any serum), they last from 1 to several months.
Each drop covers a 5 cm area, and each time we apply only a few drops.

You do not need a large amount of product per application.

For example, a 5ml vial may last 1 month.
If the problem is local and small, then it lasts more than a month. From the first 15 days you see the first improvements.

  • For correction of burnt and dehydrated hair, results begin to appear from the first week of use.
  • For bigger problems (big areas of thinning) it takes more months.

When the problem is fixed, you can stop using it. You do not need to continue with more applications.